Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Challenge #18 - EGGZZZZellent

Here is my egg...  Speaking of eggs, the boys and I dyed our Easter Eggs tonight.  We will be going to church with stained finger-tips!  Oh well...  Cooper, my 4 year old, asked me tonight, "How does the Easter Bunny come into our house?  Maybe it's magic just like Santa?"  It made my heart smile to see his eyes light up with anticipation.  And Laim, my 6 year old, went to bed after we talked about how Jesus will rise in the morning.  I told him that His disciples will be sad as they walk to Emmaus with a "stranger" and will rejoice when the bread is broken at dinner.


  1. Beautiful delicate egg, Gina. Love hearing about the Boy's excitement about Easter too.

  2. Loved the story and the egg is sublime!

  3. Your egg is great, I love the strong graphic quality and contrast.