Monday, March 14, 2011

OMG! I'm doing it!!!!

I've always wanted to do this and here I am! I did it! This is my first Blog and my first post! My purpose for doing this is to inform family and friends of my happenings and drawings! Please be patient while I learn my way around this blogging stuff. So stay tuned...


  1. Way to go Gina!!!!! Ata Girl and all that stuff!
    I have the privilege of being your very first follower... you will get lots more! Your Zentangle is way cool. How did you get your background such an even blue?

  2. Thanks Joni! I used almost a whole colored pencil coloring it in...

  3. Gina -- These are absolutely FABULOUS!! I love them. Keep on doing just what you're doing so I can learn from you.

  4. Hi Gina
    I've just started tangling too,but i'm not that good at it yet !! Yours are just AWSOME !!
    i will become a follower of yours now....
    all the best
    chris richards